Attrition Scrubbers


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WPE Process Equipment proudly offers attrition scrubbers by Hayward Gordon for the Australian mining industry.


Attrition Scrubbers are used for cleaning the surface of particles for more efficient processing. Potash, Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, Mineral Sands, Phosphate, Kaolin, Platinum, Soil Remediation, Cleaning of silica sand for glass making etc.


The Hayward Gordon Attrition Scrubber Hayward Gordon Attrition Scrubberwas designed for simplicity, and performance. Hayward Gordon uses a combination of applied mechanical shear and fluid shear to promote a highly intense region of particle interaction. This high intensity attrition zone will have a far more profound impact on particle conditioning, which includes particulate fracturing, agglomeration breakdown, and particle oxidation removal etc. than mechanical shear alone.

Hayward Gordon Attrition Scrubbers have an underflow / overflow arrangement and, rather than stacking a number of high shear impellers in a mixing vessel, Hayward Gordon uses a dual impeller, up-pumping / down-pumping arrangement. See the following diagram.

Hayward Gordon Attrition Scrubbers come in two basic configurations, “Simplex” and “Duplex”. Simplex is a single cell Attrition Scrubber arrangement and the Duplex is a dual cell in a single tank Attrition Scrubber arrangement. The Hayward Gordon Attrition Scrubber design allows for the add-on of additional scrubber cells to create a scrubber train of as many cells as the process requires.

Hayward Gordon Attrition Scrubber Diagram

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