KINERGY Vibratory Machinery


Kinergy Corporation 

WPE Process Equipment proudly represents Vibratory Machinery by Kinergy Corporation throughout Australia.


Kinergy equipment are used in literally hundreds of applications to densify, discharge or convey materials of all types from unit pieces such as bolts and briquettes to bulk solids including iron ore, coal and lime to name but a few.


Induced Conveying:

The patented Kinergy Drive System has proven toKinergy-Conveyor be the most versatile and energy-efficient vibratory drive known.  This Drive System is the primary advantage that sets Kinergy apart from the rest.
Induced Conveying machines rely solely on the vibratory action to make materials move uphill, downhill or horizontally.  The pitch and catch action allows highly abrasive materials to be conveyed on a Kinergy Vibrating Machine with very little wear on the conveying trough surfaces.  Degradation or attrition of the material being conveyed is virtually eliminated.
These machines are powered by Kinergy’s electrically controlled, modern version of using sub-resonant tuned springs combined with rotating weights on an A.C. motor.  When the applied load increases, the springs inherently drive harder.  It maximizes the use of “kinergy” which is defined as the kinetic energy developed by a spring’s motion during the drive portion of its cycle.  This is why the Kinergy Drive System is unrivaled.
Larger units are possible due to the spreading distribution of the dynamic forces across the width and along the length of the unit.  The use of drive springs saves energy.  Counter-balancing is available, thus reducing any transmitted forces to the support structure by at least 90%.
The electrical control of the Kinergy Drive System provides a full-range of adjustment from virtually zero to the maximum TPH output. Plus it can momentarily pulse the vibration to a more vigorous action to improve performance.
The optimum stroke angle, smooth and quiet operation,Kinergy-Feeder the ability to automatically and repetitively pulse the vibratory action plus the highest degree of energy efficiency are inherent with all of Kinergy’s Induced Conveying Machines to ensure the best performance available.  And with no more than three component parts, the design of the Kinergy Drive System is about as simple as it can be.  Now adapted to Induced Conveying machines, this Drive System has proven to be the most versatile and energy-efficient vibratory drive known.
Kinergy’s Induced Conveying product line includes:
  • Vibrating Feeders
  • Vibrating Conveyors
  • Vibrating Spiral Elevators
  • Vibrating Screens
  • Vibrating Coolers and Dryers

Induced Vertical Flow:

Kinergy Induced Vertical Flow machines are most commonly used to discharge  bulk solids from storage. With gravity as the primary force and  vibratory force providing assistance, material is induced to flow with a very efficient use of energy.

Kinergy manufacture the following Induced Vertical Flow equipment:

  • Bin Activators
  • Activated Bins
  • Storage Pile Dischargers
  • Rail Car Unloaders


  • Mold Compactors
  • Fill Containers
  • Rail Car Densifiers

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