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Deister Mineral Concentrating Tables are used in a wide range of applications including: Zircon, Rutile, Illmenite, Tin, Tungsten, Chrome, Tantalum, Vermiculite Mica, Rare Earth Mineral Sands, Gold, Cobalt, Barite Sand, Fluorspar, Iron Ore, Coal, Manganese, Beach Sands and Scheelite.



The Deister Concentrating Table is recognised the world over as a highly developed wet concentrating table. The Deister Concentrating Table utilises a rhomboidal shape table which allows for higher grades and increased recoveries. Different table Riffling Systems are available to cater for sands and slimes and Deister can also customise the concentrating table’s riffling system to suit specific applications.

The driving mechanism of the Deister Concentrating Table produces a differential motion allowing for a more efficient mineral recovery process when compared to the less efficient bumping motion type tables.

The unique molded HDPE launders also help to set Deister Concentrating Tables apart from the competition.

The Deister Mineral Concentrating Table consists of a table with riffles, a feed end, a concentrate end and a tailings end. Feed is presented to the table as a slurry. The oscillating action of the table along with the riffle system effectively separates minerals based on specific gravity. The higher density minerals are constrained by the riffles and transported to the concentrate end. The lower density material is washed over the riffle system and on to the tailings discharge. 

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