Dewatering Screens


Derrick CorporationDerrick Corporation

WPE Process Equipment offers Dewatering Screens as the proud representative of Derrick Corporation throughout Australia.


For the removal of water from a product e.g. Brick Sand, Asphalt Sand etc.


Achieving production rates of 300 tons per hour, per machine,Dewatering-Screen our new, proven technology’s primary focus is to deliver your production sands (concrete sand, asphalt sand, mason sand etc.) to a superior dryness of 85% to 90% solids by weight.

This is accomplished by utilizing our true, high “G” force linear motion designs, coupled with high open area urethane screen surfaces. The HI-Cap machine offers more than 62 sq. ft. of screen surface on a single unit. Nearly half of its urethane screen surface is open area, which is fundamentally critical for effective dewatering. The HI-Cap machine is typically fed by screw classifier product, tank classifier cell feed and large cyclone underflow.

Features & Benefits

  • Dewatering primary sand products to over 90% solids
  • 300 TPH per machine
  • Only 10 hp operation
  • Over 62 sq. ft. of available screen surface
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