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As the representatives for Eriez Magnetics in Western Australia (WA), WPE Process Equipment offers Eriez Eddy Current Non-Ferrous Metal Separators to the recycling and process industry.


For the separation of non-ferrous metals from plastics, glass cullet, electronic scrap, automobile shredder residue, boiler bottom ash, spent foundry core sand, municipal solid waste, co-mingled recyclables, urban wood waste, mixed metals etc.


The basic separator consists of an external drum or shell, an internal permanent magnetic rotor and a belt conveyor.

The internal full diameter rotor has rows of rare earth permanent magnets arranged in alternating polarity. It rotates at a much higher speed than the external drum. As the internal rotor spins, the alternating polarity of the magnets causes rapid alternation of the powerful magnetic fields at the external surface of the surrounding drum this induces eddy currents in conductive materials nearby. The eddy currents generate secondary force fields that repel conductive materials from the drum while non-conductive materials are not affected. A splitter in the product discharge chute physically separates the two product streams. To watch a video of Eriez Eddy Current Separators in action, click here.

Eriez Eddy Current Separator

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