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WPE Process Equipment offers Flow Dividers or Slurry Distributors as the proud representative of Derrick Corporation throughout Australia.


The full range of applications where representative slurry distribution by gravity is required.


Custom engineered for each application, Derrick Flo-DividersFlo-Divider are designed to representatively split slurry flows into any number of equivalent streams. Representative flow distribution means that all discharge points receive identical material in terms of mass flow, volume flow, slurry density, and particle size distribution.

The typical Derrick Flo-Divider consists of an open cylindrical tank design with a center feed well surrounded by multiple discharge compartments around the circumference. Typically rubber-lined for maximum life in abrasive duties, Derrick Flo-Dividers are also available with replaceable polyurethane compartments. To stop the flow to one or more distribution points, Derrick Flo-Dividers are equipped with dart valves which may be manually set in place or automated for remote operation.

Flo-Dividers may be fed from the top or the bottom, depending upon layout requirements. For a large wet screening installation, one or more primary Flo-Dividers may be used to distribute flow into multiple secondary Flo-Dividers.

Derrick design engineers carefully consider the overall process and layout requirements to ensure that the flow distribution system will perform as required over the total range of anticipated flow conditions.

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