Magnetic Pulleys


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WPE Process Equipment offers Magnetic Pulleys as the proud representative of Eriez Magnetics Pty Ltd throughout Western Australia (WA).


Eriez Magnetic Pulleys provide ideal automatic removal of unwanted iron from materials con-veyed on belts to prevent machinery damage and product contamination for sand, gravel, limestone, recyclables, wood products, food, chemical, mining, rock products, ceramic, paper, coal handling and foundry operations.


Eriez Magnetic Pulleys are widely used as head pulleys in belt conveyors for continuous automatic removal of damaging tramp iron from a variety of materials.

Tramp–iron contaminated material enters thePulley-Diagram-01 pulley’s magnetic field, the tramp iron is attracted and held to the belt until it reaches the underside, passes out of the magnetic field, and is separately discharged. The cleaned, nonmagnetic material is discharged over the pulley in a normal trajectory. A stainless steel splitter assembly is required to separate segmented mate-rial fractions. An adjustable splitter will permit separation fine tuning and provide optimum separation performance for your application.

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful and Reliable.
  • Prevents Machinery Damage and Product Contamination.
  • Automatic separation of heavy Tramp Iron from Conveyor Transported Materials.
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