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WPE Process Equipment offers agitators / mixers as the representatives for Hayward Gordon in Australia.


Mining Industry; Fluid Mixing; Blending; Solid Suspension; Gas Dispersion.

Autoclaves: Copper, Nickel, Cobolt, Gold, Zinc, Graphite, Uranium; Cyanide Leaching; CIL/CIP Absorption; Biological Leach; Cyanide Destruction; Surge Tank / Storage; High Intensity Conditioning; Conventional Conditioning; Feed Tank Mixers; Backfill; Zinc Leach; Lime; Phosphoric Acid; Non-Metallic; Cadmium; Pipeline Slurry Storage; Concentrate Slurry Storage; Pump-mixers for Solvent Extraction; Crud & Auxiliary Mixers; Water & wastewater Treatment – Flocculant dispersion, pH control; Food Processing; Chemical Processing; Petroleum Refining.



With over 50 years of experience, Hayward Gordon are considered experts in their field and with installations around the world and across most mineral extraction processes Hayward Gordon have established a reputation for providing quality agitators / mixers you can depend on.


Portable mixers, top entry mixers, side entry mixers, in-line mixers, bottom entry mixers, static mixers and custom designed mixers.


  • AL Hydrofoil (low solidity hydrofoil)
  • AM Hydrofoil (mid solidity hydrofoil)
  • AH Hydrofoil (high solidity hydrofoil)
  • HP Impeller
  • PBT Impeller (Pitched Blade Turbine)
  • RSB Impeller (retreat curve turbine)
  • VBT Impeller (Vertical Blade Turbine)
  • RD Impeller (Rushton Design Impeller)
  • RDC Impeller (Rushton Design Curved Impeller)


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