Rare Earth Rolls & RE Drums


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WPE Process Equipment offers Rare Earth Rolls & RE Drums as the proud representative of Eriez Magnetics in Western Australia (WA).


Used extensively in the mineral sands industry for the magnetic concentration of  weakly magnetic minerals, such as garnet, ilmenite, musovite, mica, etc.

RE Rolls effectively reduces the level of iron from beach sands, feldspar, silica sand, calcium carbonate, magnesite, kyanite, bauxite, andalusite, etc. by removing iron bearing minerals such as hematite.

Rare Earth Rolls are also used in the Food, Pharmaceutical, Plastics and Recycling industries.


The Rare Earth Roll separator was designed Eriez-RE-Rollsto provide peak separation efficiency and is typically used when a high level of product purity is required.

The roll is constructed with permanent magnetic discs alternating with thin steel pole pieces along a shaft. The steel poles are saturated with magnetic flux and produce a magnetic field in excess of 21,000 gauss.

The Rare Earth Roll is used as a head pulley, and a thin belt connects the roll to a self cleaning tail pulley.

The belt conveys the feed material to the magnetic field or separation zone. When the feed enters the magnetic field, the magnetic and/or paramagnetic particles are attracted to the roll while the non–magnetic material follows the natural discharge trajectory. A splitter arrangement is used to segregate the two streams.

The rare earth roll separators are available in single, double and triple stage versions with either non–magnetic or magnetic rerun.

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