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WPE Process Equipment offers Suspended Tramp Metal Magnets as representatives of Eriez Magnetics Pty Ltd throughout Western Australia (WA).


Eriez Tramp Metal Magnets, otherwise known as Tramp Iron Magnets, Conveyor Magnets, Suspended Magnets, Suspension Magnets and Overband Magnets are used extensively in WA’s mining industry and processing plants of non-magnetic ore types (Gold, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Hematite, Silver etc.) to remove damaging or unwanted tramp iron from ore streams typically suspended above a conveyor.


Eriez Magnetics are renowned for manufacturing Self Clean Suspended Tramp Magnetextremely robust and reliable suspended tramp iron magnets for a variety of industries and applications. They have many standard models and sizes suitable for most applications however they are often built to suit particular needs.

Eriez’ suspended tramp iron magnets are either manual cleaning or self cleaning units and are either electro-magnets or permanent magnets depending on the application requirements.

Suspended Electro-magnetsManual Clean Suspended Tramp Magnet

Suspended Electro-magnets are the number one choice for WA’s mining industry where a deep reaching magnetic field is required for those difficult applications. A steel core wound with aluminium or copper wire completely submerged in transformer oil and enclosed in a heavy duty mild steel box. The coils are energised by a DC current thus magnetising the steel core and projecting a magnetic field.

Most Eriez Magnetics’ Suspended Electro-magnets are fitted with an external expansion tank which prevents damaging moisture build up in the magnet body.

Suspended Permanent MagnetsManual Clean Suspended Permanent Magnet

A permanent magnetic circuit encased in a robust mild steel housing. Eriez Magnetics’ Suspended Permanent Magnets are scientifically designed to achieve a deep reach magnetic field for delivering a high level of performance. Suspended Permanent Magnets are typically lighter and more compact than electro-magnets and require no power source.


Typically, suspended tramp metal / iron magnets are installed Position-1-Diagramover the conveyor head pulley or across the conveyor belt.

To achieve the full potential of Eriez suspended tramp metal magnets, we recommend installation over the head pulley since the burden “opens up” as it’s discharged and in flight. In this position, magnetic separation of the tramp metal / iron is also assisted by the momentum of the tramp iron as the burden carrying it is moving towards the face of the magnet.

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