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Derrick Corporation

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Dry Sizing, Wet Sizing, Recycling Industry, Aggregates, Carbon Recovery, Trash Screens / Gold Recovery etc.


Derrick Corporation manufacture a range of vibratory screening machines including wet screens and dry screens for various applications. A partial list of vibratory screening machines offered include:

Repulp Wet Sizing Vibrating Screen

The Derrick Repulp wet sizing vibrating screen is the ideal machineRepulp Screen for the production of a clean oversize material free of fines or undersize particles. The Repulp vibratory screen is equipped with spray nozzles directed at one or more rubber-lined repulping or wash troughs. Highly efficient wet sizing and maximum removal of fines is accomplished by repulping and rescreening the material as it moves down the length of the vibrating screen.  The spray water is directed at the wash trough and not the screen surface as spray water directed at the screen surface would result in accelerated wear and could also force oversize particles through the openings.

In fine wet screening, undersize particles are transported through the screen openings by the fluid, normally water. Once all the water has passed through the screen surface, no more sizing takes place. Any remaining fines simply adhere to the oversize particles. The multiple repulping and rescreening steps possible with the Repulp Vibratory Screen maximize the removal of fine particles. Multiple separation sizes or cut points are also possible by using a Repulp screen equipped with a split undersize hopper. A finer separation is made first, followed by a coarser separation.

Features & Benefits

  • The Derrick Repulp Wet Sizing Vibrating Screen for highly efficient wet sizing / classification.
  • This vibrating screen produces a clean oversize product free of fines or undersize particles.
  • The Derrick Repulp Vibrating Screen has spray nozzles directed at one or more lined repulping troughs.
  • These vibratory screens can be fitted with Derrick long life, high open area polyurethane screen surfaces or woven wire panels.
  • Minimal maintenance with Derrick sealed bearing vibrating motors.
  • These vibratory screens have the option of various feed box configurations.
  • The Derrick Repulp Vibratory Wet Screening machine is available in sizes from 18 to 56 inches (0.48 to 1.4 m) wide and 60 to 168 inches (1.5 to 4.3 m) long.

Linear Motion Screens

A Derrick Linear Motion vibratory screen is equipped with two Linear-Screenvibrating motors rotating in opposite directions. This dual motor configuration causes the screen frame to vibrate in a linear or straight-line motion perpendicular to the plane of the vibrating motors. Normally, the vibrating motors are positioned at an angle of 50 degrees with respect to the screen surface. This results in excellent forward conveyance of oversize particles, even when the screen frame is in an uphill position.

Depending upon the application, the screen frame can be positioned from 10 degrees uphill to 15 degrees downhill. Maximum fluid capacity is achieved in the uphill position, causing the formation of a pool at the feed end of the machine The head or pressure from the pool increases fluid throughput. The linear motion of the screen frame efficiently conveys the oversize particles out of the pool area where they are then dewatered and discharged.

Features & Benefits

  • High fluid capacity.
  • Ideal for dilute slurries and/or low amounts of oversize such as scalping or trash screen applications.
  • Appropriate for the removal of grit or other contaminants from viscous slurries.
  • Screen openings can range from 3/8 inch (10 mm) to 400 mesh (38 microns).
  • Low headroom requirements.
  • Uniform straight-line conveying action.
  • High open area polyurethane screen surfaces or various woven wire designs minimize or eliminate screen blinding.


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