Eriez® Wet Drum Separators are Setting Industry Standards

Erie, PA— Wet Drum Separators from Eriez® are designed for automatic, continuous recovery of magnetite or ferrosilicon in heavy media operations and concentration of ferrous and weakly magnetic ores. The newest advances in magnetic circuitry design plus Eriez’ more than quarter of a cen­tury of experience with solid/liquid separation are combined in these state-of-the-art Wet Drum Magnetic Separators.

The innovative design of Eriez’ Wet Drum Separators Wet_Drum_Separatorenables maximum magnetite recovery while operating with a minimum amount of wear and mainte­nance. Refinements in the magnetic circuit, tank design and drive system have resulted in further improvements in metallurgical perfor­mance and operation.

These Wet Drum Magnetic Separators feature the strongest, most effective magnetic elements in the industry. Eriez Design Specialists will assign the appropriate magnetic circuit for any given application using finite element analysis modeling techniques.

Standard features include stainless steel construction and double row self-aligning ball bearings. There are various drive options available. Drive systems include synchronous (cog) belt and shaft mounted direct. Mill and chemical duty motors and Taconite seals are also available.

Eriez Magnetic Drum Separators are available in several models to cater to different operational challenges. All Eriez Wet Drum Magnetic Separators receive a complete inspection to evaluate magnetic field profile, mechanical integrity and appearance. The separators undergo a “run–in” period to assure efficient operation of the drive system.

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