Eriez® Trunnion Magnets

  • Extending pump and hydrocyclone service life by as much as 250%
  • Increasing mill throughput up to 5%
  • Reducing mill power consumption by up to 7%
  • Increasing mill work index through more efficient grinding.

With More Than 100 Installations Worldwide, Eriez® Trunnion Magnets are a Proven and Better Approach to Maximize Productivity and Reduce Power Consumption in Ball/SAG Mill Applications

Erie, PA—Eriez® reports that there are now more than 100 installations of Trunnion Magnets worldwide.  This enhanced system for separating and removing balls, chips or scats in a typical ball/SAG mill operation replaces the dead weight of ball magnets with fresh ore. By effectively removing 80 percent or more of the worn/broken media, the Eriez Trunnion Magnet reduces power consumption from the mill drive and prevents expensive damage to other equipment, including pumps and hydrocyclones.

In a typical grinding mill application, the grinding media eventually fractures and wears into a fine metallic powder because of the heavy re-circulating load in the mill. “Energy is unnecessarily being wasted to mill the milling media; it just doesn’t make sense,” says Jose Marin, Director-Mining and Minerals Processing.  “Fortunately, through advancements in magnetic separation technology Eriez can offer mill operators a better approach with the Trunnion Magnet.”

The Trunnion Magnet is mounted at the SAG mill discharge point and used in place of a trommel screen. It consists of a barrel or “blind trommel” that is mechanically attached to the trunnion or discharge of a ball mill. The barrel rotates around a fixed assembly of ferrite and Rare Earth magnets, positioned on the outside of the barrel. The stationary magnetic assembly attracts chips and scats to the inside diameter of the barrel. As the ball mill slurry discharges through the barrel, eight strategically placed lifters inside the barrel carry the ball fragments to the top, where they fall onto a sloping discharge chute. 

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